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Accidents suck. Claims don’t have to.

It wasn’t a foreign scene growing up: seeing our fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles and their neighbours gathered in a suburban backyard or garage having heated discussions about “taxes” and “insurance”!

It’s human nature that when we have no choice but to buy or pay for a product or service, strong and often misinformed opinions and emotions bubble up and surface.

Let’s look at it this way – Insurance is a wager.

It’s a bet. A big bet we take every year with Insurance Companies. We bet that an unforeseen circumstance might occur that affects ourselves, our business, our property, our vehicle, or loved ones.

We bet that something will happen. The insurance company bets that it won’t.

Like most bets, nothing is overtly tangible. We don’t walk out of a brick and mortar insurance store with a bag full of insurance coverage. It’s simply a promise. A promise of protection and peace of mind… at a price.

Often in this wager, we “lose”. We buy protection – but we don’t necessarily end up using it.

So what happens when we “win” this bet? When something unforeseen happens and we file a claim?

A claim equates to the only thing “tangible” about our relationship with Insurance; when this protection and peace of mind is executed. As consumers, we can finally touch, feel and see it in action!

At tuque, in partnership with the insurance companies we represent, we recognize the importance of a “positive claims experience.”

Although, let’s face it… it is near impossible to make every claims experience a “positive” or a “happy” one. Something unforeseen happening to things you own or someone you love never feels good.

You feel loss, anger, or even violated and displaced.

We understand.

tuque will be here to help get you back in your car, house or business as smoothly as possible. We endeavour to always be your advocate, your sounding board, and your counsel while helping you navigate through something incredibly complex. Our mission is to help you get on with the things that matter in your life with minimal headaches and disruption, in as little time as possible.

tuque’s unique approach to servicing your claim will blend the best of technology with diligent and attentive customer service to make one of your most trying personal experiences a lot more simplified and transparent.  This summer join the tuque community in actively evolving insurance – not disrupting it.

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