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Accidents suck. Claims don’t have to.

It wasn’t a foreign scene growing up: seeing our fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles and their neighbours gathered in a suburban backyard or garage having heated discussions about “taxes” and “insurance”! […]

tuque auto

It’s About Us, Our Community and Coverage for One Another

There’s such a stigma around the idea of insurance. Why do we have it? Why is some insurance mandatory and others not? Is it really worth it? Countless conversations happen […]

Investment Firm Sees Bright Future for New Player in Emerging InsurTech Space

Mill Street & Co. (“Mill Street”), is proud to announce that it has completed the acquisition of Tuque Inc. (“Tuque”) Tuque is a new entrant to the emerging InsurTech space. […]

Change is Good :)

We know…it’s kind of tough to believe. There is so much change taking place around us. Whether it’s been tweeted, posted or broadcasted, whether it’s digital or analog; we are […]

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