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It’s About Us, Our Community and Coverage for One Another

There’s such a stigma around the idea of insurance. Why do we have it? Why is some insurance mandatory and others not? Is it really worth it?

Countless conversations happen for insurance professionals across Canada, who in many a social gathering, have to explain the positive aspects of insurance and the importance of being insured.

We really believe in it.

When tuque went through the exercise of looking at the various insurance products and offerings around the world, pondering what really is a benefit to us, as Canadians…

We were really impressed with how Canadian Insurers develop policies that truly consider the well-being of the community and the people within it; whether or not it’s an automotive policy, property policy, business policy or a legal policy, these policies are designed to help those in the event of a loss.

Do we understand what we pay to insure?

One may drive responsibly or complete their work diligently. Yet, no matter how diligently we go about our responsibilities, something can happen to us from another’s lack of diligence or responsibility.

In Ontario, we have coverages designed to protect those that are undeserving innocent bystanders that happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

We see it in the news, through a tweet, or on the front page of the paper.

Often…we think of it as ‘them’, but shouldn’t we think of it as ‘us’?

It’s complex, but it does make sense.

We’ll help explain why your coverages are so important for you and your community. We will help you understand what they mean.

We’ll also show you what makes tuque special by providing you with unique options and covers that resonate with you and your lifestyle.


We’re tuque.

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